Monday, 6 February 2017

Top Five Marketing Trends for 2017

To stay ahead of the competition, read and implement some of the following trends in your content marketing campaigns this year:

1. Data-Driven Content

How do you know what content works best for your business? Which delivery channels are performing the best for your audience?   There is an unreal amount of data available for you to analyze, test & optimize your campaigns to ensure the highest impact possible.  Gather, interpret and act on all the data available to you.

2. Video

Video is taking over. Reports state that 74% of internet traffic in year 2017 will be video driven. If you’re not taking advantage of video marketing, you can’t start fast enough! Videos in an email campaign lead to 200-300% higher click-through-rates.

3. Personalization and Segmentation

Content personalization boosts relevancy and is becoming a must for catching the attention of your target market to show them that you understand and care about their needs. When thinking about content development, you need to focus on publishing content that speaks directly to the’ pain points of your audience.

4. Email Marketing

Probably due to the fact that it’s been around for so long, email marketing is often overlooked yet remains one of the most powerful marketing channels available. When preparing your email campaigns, always keep campaign goals in mind and seriously, mix in some videos!

5. Research/Original Data

Out of 10 popular content types, research/original data performed best for companies, according to 18 % of content marketers surveyed. Infographics also remain a hot visual content marketing trend.  Think about your target audience, what data would they find useful or interesting?

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